Why I took a leap of faith and decided to blog?

I have recently concluded the latest stage of studying for A levels (WoooHOOO!! it’s so recent I’m still in the victory dance stage of celebrating), after 4 long years and due to my poor health, I am not well enough to attend Uni.

The end has been looming in the distance ever since I received my final exam timetable in April 2019, this caused me to become increasing aware and anxious about my lack of belonging as I will no longer be part of the school environment.

Many people thrive on this freedom and lack of structure, however due to my anxiety I found this lack of purpose and goals, daunting as most traditional options at my stage of life are closed off due to my ME.

Univerisity – most full-time courses require 36 hours of studying a week. Even part-time courses require 16-18 hours which is out of reach for my highly limited energy supply (although I’m not sure what I would choose to study anyway).

Apprenticeship – generally most apprenticeship are full-time and are in fields which are of no interest to me whatsoever, such as engineering and accountancy.

Working – isn’t possible for a list of reasons, which is way too long to write down.

So I started exploring ‘untraditional’ options, and choose to try blogging for several reasons.

  1. I have absolutely no computer skills at all, a word doc and email is as far as my abilities go. So using wordpress, uploading pictures etc, will definitely be a good way to learn.
  2. Due to my ME I had to give up my ‘creative’ hobbies 10 years ago, to concentrate my energy on education. Now I have finished school it’s a good time to start up some new hobbies, such as writing random bits and bobs on the internet.
  3. Being ill and stuck at home a lot is very isolating, so I am hoping this helps get conversations going with people in similar circumstances to me.

Basically I’m begging you to go easy on me, while I find my feet.

What was your favourite childhood hobbie?

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