Silly things people say – invisible illnesses

Usually when people say stupid things to my mum and I, I politely make non-committal noises because I haven’t got the energy to correct them and I hate confrontation. However I wish I was more assertive like my mom who responses with the truth (often embarrassing me in the process), so I have wrote some of my responses here. ‘You look well!’ that would be … Continue reading Silly things people say – invisible illnesses

Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

Letters to the Lost on the surface seems to be a typical teen-romance about a troubled bad-boy with a heart and a grief stricken girl who has given up on her gift for photography, however it’s much more than that. It subtly questions stereotypes and the impact these have on people’s paths in life. ‘If a rich kid taunts a poor kid for wearing hand-me-downs, … Continue reading Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

Sarah Rayner – Author Overview

Like most great novels One Moment, One Morning starts with a shock event on a train, which interlinks the three main characters. It follows Karen who is widowed on the train, leaving her a single mother to Luke and Molly. Anna is Karen’s best-friend who lived with Steve an alcoholic, painter and decorator. Lou is a counsellor for troubled teens in london, with a difficult … Continue reading Sarah Rayner – Author Overview

Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview

It’s not me, It’s you was the first of Mhairi’s novels that I read as the main character, Delia’s family live in Hexham which is twenty minutes away from where I live and it’s always nice to a personal connection to the setting of a novel. ‘Where do I go from here? I can’t date. I mean, thongs have come back in, for God’s sake. … Continue reading Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview

Sara Barnard – Author Overview

Beautiful Broken Things was Sara’s debut novel and my first introduction to her as an author, it was published in 2016. It’s overall theme is about the complexities of friendship, especially when an existing friendship is threatened by a new person. Not only is it beautifully written, it is also incredibly relatable especially as a former teenage girl, although everyone at one time or another … Continue reading Sara Barnard – Author Overview