Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview

It’s not me, It’s you was the first of Mhairi’s novels that I read as the main character, Delia’s family live in Hexham which is twenty minutes away from where I live and it’s always nice to a personal connection to the setting of a novel.

‘Where do I go from here? I can’t date. I mean, thongs have come back in, for God’s sake. I look like my dad in a thong.’

It’s a witty combination of disastrous romantic endeavors, such as a cringey proposal on the Millennium Bridge and equally entertaining, work based scenarios, for instance stealing a superman USB while dressed as a fox.

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Mhairi introduces herself in this video, so you can know how to pronouce her beautiful name.

Who’s that Girl? was published in 2016, and the second novel that I read. It hilariously, follows 35 year old Edie who has to return to her childhood home in Nottingham, after committing a social faux pas at a colleagues wedding a.k.a being caught kissing the groom.

‘Someone she didn’t know, hated her that much. Wait. Dozens of people she didn’t know, hated her that much…Edie stopped reading and looked up, lightheaded and nauseous. It was as if they were talking about someone else, but they weren’t, it was her. Her name, her appearance, her behaviour. She was a virtual pinata.’

Mhairi beautifully shows the negative side of social media and the emotional impact from cyberbullying, especially when it’s carried out by colleagues and “friends”. The character of Elliot highlights the difficulties of being famous, while emphasizing the importance of being loved for who you are.

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What’s your favourite Mhairi Mcfarlane book? How would you cope having to move back in with your family as an adult?

One thought on “Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview

  1. Hi Kate! I’ve so far only read ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’ by Mhairi McFarlane and I look forward to reading more books by her. It was a humorous book that also dealt with serious issues in a very sensitive and moving way. I would recommend it.

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