Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

Letters to the Lost on the surface seems to be a typical teen-romance about a troubled bad-boy with a heart and a grief stricken girl who has given up on her gift for photography, however it’s much more than that. It subtly questions stereotypes and the impact these have on people’s paths in life.

‘If a rich kid taunts a poor kid for wearing hand-me-downs, that’s obviously cruel. If a poor kid mocks a rich kid for failing a test, is it a lesser cruelty because of their stations in life? Is everyone a one-dimensional target in some way?’ And if we are, is there a way to show more of ourselves? Or are we all trapped in a single photograph that doesn’t tell the whole story?’

The friendship between Declan and Rev is my favourite aspect of the novel, although the relationship that develops between Juliet and Declan is equally special

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More Than We Can Tell focuses on 18 year old Rev and his relationship with Kristen and Geoff his adoptive parents, whilst dealing with the renewal on contact with his abusive, religious biological father.

‘So we’re both just a little broken’ His arm falls back to his side. ‘I think we were before’

Emma is struggling with sexist online abuse on the game she developed and the breakdown of her parents marriage. On an ‘sanity’ walk with her dog Texas she bumps into Rev outside a local church where an intimate and honest relationship begins.

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Call it what you want was released on the 25th of June and from the blurb it looks brilliant (It’s currently not in my budget but I will let you know what I think once I have read it).

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One thought on “Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

  1. Hi Kate! I’ve only read one book by Brigid Kemmerer, ‘More Than We Can Tell’. I liked it, It dealt with a lot of emotional issues, abuse, bullying, foster care but in a sensitive way. I did find it very sad though, but that is to be expected with these topics. I think my favourite characters were Rev’s adoptive parents, they were great!


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