Jeff Zentner – Author Overview

Goodbye Days is the first of Jeff Zentner books that I read and I must confess to intially being in two minds about it after reading the blurb. The concept of an everyday, common action (sending a text message) being classified as a crime was highly intriguing (because it reminded me about the Michelle Carter case) however the idea of ‘Goodbye Days’ to remember loved … Continue reading Jeff Zentner – Author Overview

My Current Evening Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine must be working because on Nannas most recent visit in June she said ‘Your skin is looking really clear, well apart from the massive spot your growing on your forehead.’ which I’m choosing to take as a compliment My evening routine is slightly more complicated because this is when I focus on really ‘treating’ my acne and counter balancing any side effects. … Continue reading My Current Evening Skincare Routine

Juno Dawson – Author Overview pt 2

This Book is Gay is a non-fiction book that explains and exploring all things LGBT+ in a humorous, uncomplicated way. The first-hand experiences threaded throughout give a personal feel to the statistics contained in this non-fiction book. It’s pitched as being Young Adult in genre however I think many adults (and Presidents) could do with reading it. ‘All we can do is rest assured that … Continue reading Juno Dawson – Author Overview pt 2

My Skin History/Current Morning Routine

In the words of my extremely honest Welsh Nanna ‘When you stop worrying about spots you start worrying about wrinkles or if your really unlucky you might have to deal with both.’ which as an Acne sufferer made me feel really hopeful! My skin is incredibly reactive I suffer eczema which warrants two different types of prescription corticosteroids, specific washing powder etc. Fun Fact – … Continue reading My Skin History/Current Morning Routine

Laura Steven – Author Overview

The Exact Opposite of Okay tackles the difficult and fairly recent issue of revenge porn, as Izzy is abused online and IRL for being a ‘slut’ following nude photos of her being posted online. ‘Cellulite and stretch marks around my hips and thighs. A giant mole on my left butt cheek. Swollen boobs because of the time of the month. Imperfections that, up until a … Continue reading Laura Steven – Author Overview