Laura Steven – Author Overview

The Exact Opposite of Okay tackles the difficult and fairly recent issue of revenge porn, as Izzy is abused online and IRL for being a ‘slut’ following nude photos of her being posted online.

‘Cellulite and stretch marks around my hips and thighs. A giant mole on my left butt cheek. Swollen boobs because of the time of the month. Imperfections that, up until a few weeks ago, were mine and mine alone. Until I shared them with two boys I trusted. Now the whole world sees them too. I scrub for an hour but still can’t wash away the dirty feeling.’

It also tackles misogyny and sexism as the boys involved face no negative consequences, Zachary Vaughan, the senator’s son still gets accepted at Stanford whereas Izzy has her screenplay removed from a competition. (a senator is a bit like a member of the house of lords, I thought I would save my UK readers having to google it like I did.)

It is a highly relevant at the moment as the UK government is currently reviewing image-based sexual abuse and it’s criminal nature within the law.

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A Girl Called Shameless does not disappoint. Izzy, Ajita and Meg continue with their feminism platform Bitches Bite Back. The BBB’s aims widen as fellow high-school senior Heather is victim of revenge porn.

‘The journalists fighting in my corner just get the point of the protest. They understand that it’s not just an attempt to promote and celebrate teenage promiscuity, like their rivals seem to think. It’s about consent and shame and bodily autonomy, the right to choose and the right to privacy. It’s about life and death.’

They embark on a protest campaign to gain legislative change in their state, to prevent and protect, as 51% of revenge porn victims have had suicidal thoughts.

If you want more statistics about revenge porn visit:

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Laura Steven is definitely my kind of author as she doesn’t quote Shakespeare in her dedications, she quotes Kelly Clarkson.

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