My Skin History/Current Morning Routine

In the words of my extremely honest Welsh Nanna ‘When you stop worrying about spots you start worrying about wrinkles or if your really unlucky you might have to deal with both.’ which as an Acne sufferer made me feel really hopeful!

Little Kate

My skin is incredibly reactive I suffer eczema which warrants two different types of prescription corticosteroids, specific washing powder etc. Fun Fact – During Christmas in 1999 my parents had to take baby-me to Accident & Emergency because it flared up so bad. Since my hormones kicked-in aged 13 I have also been battling Acne.

This is where I would insert a super clear make-up free photo as proof however my skin makes me so self-conscious I hate being the subjects of pictures (Sadly I wouldn’t even let my mum takes pictures on my 18th Birthday which is one of my biggest regrets).

That being said one of my besties, Lucy needed a picture of me for her Art award (which she aced by the way!) so I’m including a cropped section of that.

So over the years I have tried pretty much every ‘anti-acne’ product on the market. Most of which made the problem worse because it irriated my sensitive skin. I have finally found a routine which is effective and doesn’t aggravate my sensitive skin.

Morning Routine

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser is an incrediby gentle cream cleanser which leaves my skin clean but not stripped or tight.

I then follow it with a strong Vitamin C to help lightning my hyperpigmentation (acne scars), I’m currently using Garden of Wisdom which I really like although I have used The Ordinary which is cheaper.

It’s essential to use SPF daily, especially if you use strong active ingredients. I am currently using La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo + SPF 30 which leaves a lush finish to the skin (a great base for applying make-up) although I can’t say whether it leaves a white cast to the skin as I’m exceptionally pale.

What products do you love and use? What impact has your skin had on your mental health?

Links to Escentual are Affiliated.

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