Juno Dawson – Author Overview pt 2

I have had my copy of This Book is Gay since before Juno transitioned, which is why it says James Dawson.

This Book is Gay is a non-fiction book that explains and exploring all things LGBT+ in a humorous, uncomplicated way. The first-hand experiences threaded throughout give a personal feel to the statistics contained in this non-fiction book. It’s pitched as being Young Adult in genre however I think many adults (and Presidents) could do with reading it.

‘All we can do is rest assured that we are far form an abomination. Whether you believe in God as a creator or not, we were all born out of something very natural. We are one hundred per cent organic. Like orange juice with bits.’

I had 7 hours a week of home tuition in which I was supposed to cover all the basic subjects i.e Maths, English and Science, (which I was able to do) however it didn’t leave any energy/time to study Religion, ICT or Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education. This left me lagging behind my peers although I do question the quality of PSHE education in schools, so This Book is Gay was ideal for making me less ignorant (I didn’t have a clue what the + stood for!).

Waterstones – http://tidd.ly/91990078 Amazon – https://amzn.to/2RdBIEU

Clean is a fictional novel about 17 year-old Lexi’s drug addiction and her struggle through rehab. I have read many books about drug recovery, rehab etc and this is by far my favourite as it doesn’t stop when she leaves the clinic like so many, it doesn’t give the illusion that it’s easy to be clean in the real world.

‘It’s never easy, is it? It’s never one thing, I think. I look around the room and none of us are easy, none of us are… clean. All our weird shit internally overlaps like tectonic plates, and we just wait for them to grind together, brace for the earthquake.’

The relationship’s Lexi develops with Brady, Kendall and Guy in the clinic are real and raw while containing all the complexity of genuine friendships which gives Clean huge depth.

Juno also describes the intimacy and trust between Lexi and Dr Goldstein (her therapist) very well, as in my experience (never been an addict btw) the relationship between a patient and therapist can never be successful without the patient feeling comfortable as thearpy leaves you feeling incredibly vulnerable.

Waterstones – http://tidd.ly/30138596 Amazon – https://amzn.to/2LfQ8Rg

Which Juno Dawson book is your favourite?

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