My Current Evening Skincare Routine

My Skincare Routine must be working because on Nannas most recent visit in June she said ‘Your skin is looking really clear, well apart from the massive spot your growing on your forehead.’ which I’m choosing to take as a compliment

My evening routine is slightly more complicated because this is when I focus on really ‘treating’ my acne and counter balancing any side effects.

If I am wearing make-up I do a double-cleanse to ensure I get all the junk off my face, I start with an oil-based cleanser I am currently loving The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser which is super affordable at £5.50. I follow it with the La Roche-Posay Toleraine cleanser that I also use in the morning If I haven’t worn make-up I go straight to the Toleraine Cleanser.

My acne was so severe and persistent it had a huge negative impact on my life, so my mum eventually convinced me to go to my GP. I ended up going multiple times, they prescribed me three different types of oral antibiotics over the course of several years all of which had a positive short-term effect, in conjunction with tropical creams.

Differin Gel

I currently use a prescription retinoid called Adapalene in the form of Differin Gel which I have found to be most effective, although it has some incredibly harsh side-effects. I get mine from my doctor’s surgery but you now get it online through Boots Acne Clinic

To combat the harsh-side effects of the Differin Gel I use a combination of light serums (mixed together for time efficiency), The Ordinary’s 10% Niacinamide Serum because it helps reduce the irritation and balances oil production, Glossier and Paula’s Choice make great niacinamide serums too although they are much more expensive.

Imagine that on my chin

The second serum I use is Vichy 89 which hydrates and strengthens my skin barrier which the Differin Gel pretty much destroys (picture a dry, scaly mess). I choose to use Vichy 89 because it doesn’t sting on my sensitive skin whereas other hyaluronic acid serums do.

I lock it all in with a super-soothing, repairing moisturizer also by La Roche-Posay (can you tell they are one of my favourite brand? it’s mainly because all their products are fragrance-free and affordable). Cicaplast Baume B5 is a moisturizer that I discover through a YouTuber called Nadine Baggot who is very knowledgeable about skincare and she is incredibly relatable so I never feel stupid/ignorant watching her videos.

I frequently still get breakouts although much less severely therefore I am feeling more comfortable and confident in my skin (however I still refuse to leave the house without make-up on). So I am making a conscious effort to capture memories, i.e take more pictures!

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