Emery Lord – Author Overview

When We Collided explores young love, grief and mental illness through the lives of Vivi and Jonah, who meet the summer after the death of Jonah’s father and Vivi’s move to California. Vivi’s free-spirited, adventurous nature brings much needed light and colour to the lives of Jonah and his five younger siblings however her grip on reality begins to slip when she stops taking her … Continue reading Emery Lord – Author Overview

My favourite – Cleansers

Cleansing the skin is one of the most important parts of a skin care regime because it’s vital that ‘active’ ingredients are applied to clean skin. Washing my face is often a highlight of my day especially when the weather is hot like it has been this bank holiday in the UK. Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter 90ml is luxurious camomile oil based cleanser which dissolves … Continue reading My favourite – Cleansers

Elisabeth Hyde – Author Overview

The Abortionist’s Daughter is centred around the murder of Diana, Director of the Centre for Reproductive Choice living in colorado with her husband Frank of twenty years. Her 19 year-old daughter Megan is a university students whose relationship with her parents deteriorated following the tragic death of her younger brother. Murder of abortion providers is sadly highly common in America. ‘She’d been sloppy about wearing … Continue reading Elisabeth Hyde – Author Overview

Daughter’s Secret

The Daughter’s Secret follows Rosalind and her “perfect” family six years after Stephanie (Rosalind’s daughter) ran away with her geography teacher, Nathan Temperley who is due to be released from Wandsworth Prison in eleven days time. ‘People often liken a great shock to being hit by a train, but the realisation that Stephanie had run away with Nathan Temperley was more like being caught in … Continue reading Daughter’s Secret

Elizabeth Wein – Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity is one of my favourite historical novels (btw historical fiction is my favourite genre) as it keeps you guessing and questioning right till the very end. The two different narratives with Maddie and Queenie/Scottie/Eva/Julia mean you are never quite sure if the narrator is telling to truth or lying during an interrogation. Far too many World War II novels have women in … Continue reading Elizabeth Wein – Code Name Verity

Privilege/Stupidity of forgetting a symptom.

I have been ill since I was 10 years old (I’m currently 20) meaning I have had the time to experiment and discover what helps relieve my long-list of symptoms. The most notable symptom I have been successful in easing is nausea which absolutely plagued the early years of my illness. The most effective way I have found to keep my nausea in check is … Continue reading Privilege/Stupidity of forgetting a symptom.