The Waiting

Entrance to the Freeman Hospital

When a loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, people i.e well-meaning family members but also random acquiances give (unwanted) advice; they say ‘you must be positive, you must be strong and its vital you keep your chin up’.

However not once did anybody ever say you must have an infinite amount of patience because you will spend your life waiting, waiting in a kind of limbo where you can’t plan anything and waiting in fear of hearing the words ‘I’m afraid it’s not good news’ from the oncologist.

The maze of corridors that make up the Freeman hospital will be where you pace back and forth, in a silent daze while your dad is in having emergency surgery to save his life.

Not once did anybody say you will become so familiar with the cafe that you will have a preferred table, even though you are simply eating on auto-pilot to fill in time during radiation treatment.

Nobody said that ‘No News is good News’ will become your catchphrase, especially when waiting for test results.

What do you wish people would have said when receiving a cancer diagnosis in your family?

Find Part 1 here:

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