Elisabeth Hyde – Author Overview

The Abortionist’s Daughter is centred around the murder of Diana, Director of the Centre for Reproductive Choice living in colorado with her husband Frank of twenty years. Her 19 year-old daughter Megan is a university students whose relationship with her parents deteriorated following the tragic death of her younger brother. Murder of abortion providers is sadly highly common in America.

‘She’d been sloppy about wearing her vest, but she began to wear it religiously, and not just to work but to the grocery store and movies as well – even in summer, when the temperature was ninety degrees at nine in the morning. She installed blinds on the windows in the solarium. She got an unlisted phone number. She wondered if Megan and Frank were at risk, and whether as a mother and a wife she owed it to them to stop doing abortions, to protect them.’

Abortion is an incredibly hot topic right now, especially in the USA as the conservative, religious and often Republican right seek to overtune Roe v Wade in the Supreme Court. Fortunately in England, Wales and Scotland a woman’s right to chose is a concrete fact which isn’t up for debate legally due to the Abortion Act of 1967, however in the Northern Ireland harsh restrictions mean its illegal to get an abortion due to the 1861 Offences Against the Person Act making a similar battle ground to America.


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Crazy as Chocolate follows Izzy who is on the eve of turning 41, the same age as when her own mother Mimi committed suicide leaving behind teenage Izzy and her older sister Ellie to be raised by their father Hugh.

‘Being in one of her up moods, she said she didn’t care about the specifics but wanted something very very special, because frankly she hadn’t expected to make it to age forty-one, and no, she wasn’t trying to make us comfortable but we might as well not try to hide the past, did a certain rainy evening and a certain bottle of pills ring a bell, and here she was, well on her way to half a decade.’

Izzy and her husband Gabe have recently given up trying for a baby following five years of attempting to conceive. Ellie has had several bouts of mental illness, leading to the break down of her marriage to Wilson and the possibility of a custody battle for 7 year old Rachel.

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In the Heart of the Canyon features thirteen strangers who decide to embark on an adventure down the Grand Canyon. Elisabeth’s descriptions of this ‘Wonder of the World’ brings it’s beauty and danger to life.

‘But for the thinking travellers, something had shifted. As they floated deeper into the gorge, several of them experienced the sense that they were no longer on the same river – that the canyon, for all it’s beauty, had begun to menace in a way it hadn’t before.’

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Which Wonder of the World would you like to visit?

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