Pam Jenoff – Kommandant’s Girl Series

Kommandant’s Girl follows Emma Bau who is a young Jewish woman living in Poland when Nazi Germany invade in September 1939, forcing her family into Krakow ghetto while her husband Jacob a member of the resistance has to go on the run.

‘This awful beast of a man, who has killed so many innocents, is offering me absolute, unconditional love. No, not unconditional.’

In order to survive and gather intelligence for the resistence Emma becomes Anna, a Catholic school teacher from Gdansk living with her ‘Aunt’ Kyrsia. Anna gets a job as a personal assistant to Kommandant Richwalder, the first deputy to the Governor of the General Government area giving her access to confidential information however this vital knowledge comes at a huge personal cost.

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The Ambassador’s Daughter is set during the peace conference at Versailles following the Armistice of 11 November 1918. It is a prequel to Kommandant’s girl and explores the love story that blooms between Georg Richwalder and Margot Rosenthal, while delving into Kyrsia Smok’s life in Paris and marriage to Marcon.

What will you do after the war? Krysia’s words echo in my mind. The answer is so different now. I’m not just running from Stefan but to Georg and yet at the same time there’s an inevitability to the fact that it must end.

Pam beautifully details the hope and desperation people were feeling at the end of World War One and the political upheaval that the majority of Europe was experiencing especially with the rise of Communism.

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The Diplomat’s Wife is the sequel to Kommandant’s Girl set several years later, which perfectly answers the questions ‘What happen to Marta? Did she survive being shot on the bridge? Was she reunited with Emma? Will she ever love someone other Jacob?’

‘Dead. Dava shot him’ ‘Dava, the nurse from Salzburg?’ He asks. I nod. ‘I wondering who the woman with him was. She was in on it, too?’ ‘It’s a long story. Apparently it was all a deliberate plan set up by the Russians to have me use my contacts to find Marcelitis. And there’s something else.’ I take a deep breath. ‘The plane crash, it wasn’t an accident. Simon arranged it deliberately, to keep us apart.’

Having been liberated from a Nazi prison camp following months of brutal torture by Paul a charming American soldier, Marta now recovered and pregnant travels to London where she meets Simon Gold, a British Diplomat who she ends up marrying although this ordinary, peaceful life turns out to be much more dangerous than Marta ever thought possible.

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