Jodi Picoult – Pt1

I own more Jodi Picoult novels than any other author, all 17 that I own are currently stacked up on my spare room floor so I have decided to split them up into 5 parts. I love how Jodi manages to interlink all the characters beautifully and find common ground among those who have opposing beliefs and views.

A Spark of Light is Jodi’s latest novel which follows George Goddard, a devout christian who has taken control of an abortion clinic in Mississippi by force after his teenage daughter had an abortion.

‘”Why should I trust you?” George asked. “Well,” Hugh said, having known this question would come. “we haven’t stormed the building, have we? My gun is still in my holster, George. I want to work with you. I want us to both get what we want.” “You can’t get me what I want,” George answered. “Try me.” “Really.” Hugh could hear the sarcasm in George’s voice. “Really,” he confirmed. “Bring my grandchild back to life,” George said, and he hung up the phone.’

Lieutenant Hugh McElroy is the lead negotiater tasked with trying to ensure the safely of the hostages, while his 15 year-old daughter Wren and his sister Bex are trapped inside the Clinic. Beth a scared 17 year-old girl is recovering in hospital following a home abortion which caused her to hemorrhage. Ultimately this leads to her ‘crime’ being discovered meaning Beth now faces the prospect of serving 20 years plus in prison for murder.

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Sing You Home tackles the moral issue of IVF from a religious stand point while also portraying a woman’s desperation to have a baby whilst struggling with infertility.

‘But he’d probably go ballistic if I told him that this future baby was going to spend its life with two lesbian mothers. On the one hand, I have God reminding me that I can’t destroy a potential life. But what kind of life is it to subject an innocent child to a gay household? I mean, I’ve read the literature that Pastor Clive’s given me, and it’s clear to me (and to scientists who are quoted) that being gay is not biological but environmental. You know how gays reproduce, don’t you?’

Zoe Baxter, a music therapist has been trying to have a baby for over 9 years with her husband Max but following the stillbirth of Daniel at 28 weeks, Max decides he wants a divorce. Subsequently Max becomes a born-again Christian after struggling with alcoholism, meaning when Zoe falls in love with Vanessa he morally opposes their remaining frozen embryos being used to start a family, which would have two gay mothers.

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Small Great Things is in my opinion Picoult’s best novel and it happens to be about one of the most controversial topics in history and our present Black Lives Matter era, Racism.

Ruth Walker is a labour & delivery nurse with over 20 years experience, who happens to be present when Davis, a newborn baby tragically dies due to heart murmur complications. Ruth had been taken off her assignment for Davis’s care when his white supremacist father stated he did not want a black person handling his son.

‘It strikes me that this is a conversation I have never had with someone who is African American. Usually I am so conscious of not being seen as prejudiced that I would be paralyzed by the fear of saying something that would be offensive…With Ruth, I know I can ask a stupid white-girl question, and that she will answer me without judging my ignorance. It’s the difference between dancing along the eggshell crust of acquaintance and diving into the messy center of a relationship. It’s not always perfect; it’s not always pleasant – but because it is rooted in respect, it is unshakable.’

Turk Bauer is a member of the white power movement and Brittany, his wife is the daughter of Francis Mitchum, a founding member and speaker at Invisible Empire movement events. Fueled by his grief and extremist views Turk decides to have Ruth arrested for murder and negligent homicide.

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