Festive Novels – Romance

The crossing off of Halloween on the calender means it’s finally acceptable to get in the festive spirit although we restrain from putting up the christmas decorations until the first of December.

Christmas at Lilac Cottage features Penny, a lonely ice carver who lives in the idyllic town of White Cliff Bay. When she advertises her empty annex at Lilac Cottage she pictures becoming friends with her new tennants. She doesn’t imagine falling in love with Henry, a loving and protective father to 16 year-old Daisy.

‘”Don’t ever lie to me again,” said Daisy, a smirk fighting on her lips, and Henry let out a booming laugh. With one arm still wrapped around Penny, he used the other arm to hook Daisy by the waist and brought her in for a group hug. Penny wrapped an arm around her too.’

This book stands out as it’s not just a romantic love story, it also heavily features the loving bond between a father and his daughter. I always picture Penny’s house as a purple version of the cosy, little cottage from The Holiday that Kate Winslets character lives.


Christmas at Mistletoe Cove is a classic tale of a woman called Eden, being in love with her childhood friend Dougie, who leaves for a job in New York, completely clueless about her feelings for him. Suddenly Dougie returns to Hope Island for good leaving open the chance her romantic dreams may come true.

‘She should have told him years ago. She should have made it clear that his frequent visits actually hurt; the ache in her chest always so raw every time he left. But she never had. He’d already broken her heart once when he has kissed her and then moved to America, never mentioning the kiss again’

https://amzn.to/2pVCprb – Amazon.

Once upon a Christmas is a great book as it contains two romantic christmas stories. 27 year-old Bryony is a Doctor living in the picturesque Lake District with her daughter Lizzie, an excitable 7 year-old who wants a daddy from Santa this christmas.

‘”I want a daddy who is strong so that he can swing me in the garden. I want a daddy who is funny and makes jokes. I want a daddy who lets me watch television before school and who won’t make me eat sprouts because I hate them and I want a daddy who will meet me at the school gate and give me a hug like the other daddies sometimes do.’

Bryony’s best friend Helen, a nurse from London has her heartbroken by David, causing her to retreat to the Lakes in order to heal her wounds and decide what’s next for her life. Enter Bryony’s handsome and caring brother Oliver who coincidentally needs a nurse for his GP practice.


Angels in the Snow is similar to Once upon a Christmas as it also contains two stories. Daniel hates everything about christmas unfortunately he’s left in charge of his brother’s children during the festive season. In order to give the kids a good christmas Daniel begs his ex-fiance Stella for help.

‘When she’d been miles away in Chicago, Christmas with a bunch of strangers had seemed like a brilliant idea. Suddenly she wasn’t so sure. She was about to take a job with a family she’d never even met, in a part of the country she didn’t know. And all so that she could avoid her own agonising family Christmas and track down a gorgeous stranger she’d spent one night with.’

When 10 year-old Alfie gets sick of his father Patrick a busy doctor, struggling to take care of him and his little sister, he advertises for a housekeeper. Hayley impulsively accepts the job in order to escape her family, only to discover that she has already met Patrick.


Wish upon a Star features Christy who is forced to spend Christmas in the Lake District with her ex husband Alessandro, for the sake of their kids, Katy and Ben.

‘He hadn’t contacted her. Pride mingled with pain and Christy pressed her lips together to stop a sob escaping. He was supposed to have followed her. Dragged her back. He was supposed to have fought for what they had. But he hadn’t even been in touch except when they made arrangements about the children.’

When Miranda who is pregnant, single and alone get caught in a classic Lake District blizzard, she is fortunate that Dr Jake Blackwell a seasoned member of the mountain rescue also happens to be walking on the same snow covered path.


Christmas Ever After follows Skylar a talented artist, who has recently broken up with Richard, a promising young politician who her traditional and emotionally distant parents throughly approved of. This means spending Christmas with her family in Long Island would be intolerable, forcing Skylar to spend the holidays with Alec, a divorced stand-offish British historian.

‘It’s manipulative, isn’t it? Controlling. And insulting, to think that I’m not capable of making those decisions for myself. It’s proof that they still don’t accept who I really am, and keep trying to mold me into the daughter they would like to have’.

It’s part of Morgan’s Puffin Island series http://sarahmorgan.com/books/series/puffin-island/


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