Losing a beloved pet

Sadly after 12.5 years of love, hugs and companionship we have had to suddenly say goodbye to our labrador Buster. When it became clear that Buster needed to go to the vets last Tuesday, I felt expectionally useless as I was not well enough to accompany my mum to the vets that night (my uncle went with her in the end). Feeling helpless in a crisis is something I often feel as someone who is reliant on others and is a struggle I think lots of chronically ill people face.

He has been around for the majority of my life so we have grown-up together, although he was definitely still a puppy at heart.

Having a pet is a huge responsibiltiy as you have to separate your own feelings no matter how hard, in order to make the correct decision for the animal, should they become seriously ill.

It is going to particularly difficult for me, as my illness dictates that I rest at home meaning I am often alone in the house while my parents work. So I’m going to appear crazy for a while because I am literally going to be talking to myself, although my cousin has suggested I get an Alexa (they seem a bit creepy to me).

In an endeavour to preserve my mental health I am focusing on the positives:

  • We were able to get him the medical care he needed (at great expense), when many people in Third World Countries are unable to do so.
  • He had a wonderful life, full of variety and lots of food.
  • We have donated his belongings so other animals will benefit.

It will take us time to adjust to our home lacking his energy and naugthy presence. However we have been through worse (my dad’s cancer diagnosis) so we will be alright in time.

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