Kate Furnivall – Author Overview

The Liberation follows 21 year old, Caterina Lombardi’s struggle to prove her deceased father’s innocence when he is accused of treason by the Allied Army, at the end of the Second World War. Caterina’s pursuit of the truth will bring new friends into her life, the chaos of Cavaleri family and more danger than ever, especially when she ends up involved with the Italian Camorra.

‘There was blood. On the floor, on the dustsheet, spattered on Caterina’s Face. A bright vital red, as vivid as poppy petals. Drago Vincelli was somehow staying upright on his knees – Caterina had no idea how- swaying forward and back like a child’s toy. His gun was discarded and both his hands clawed at his chest, his fingers drenched in scarlet, but he didn’t fall.’

Lucia Lombardi abandoned her family 11 years ago, for the bright lights of Rome with Roberto Cavaleri. However following the death of Roberto and the defeat of the Nazi party her glamour days as a singer are over, bringing her back into her families life in Sorrento.

Waterstones – http://tidd.ly/d3721455 Amazon – https://amzn.to/2DK5hGb Audible – https://amzn.to/36xYgVm

The Russian Concubine is set during the interesting interwar years, in an International Settlement in China. 16 year-old Lydia and Valentina, her mother are Russian refugees who fled following the Bolshevik revolution which resulted in the death of Lydia’s father.

‘Everyone who touched your life sent a ripple effect through you, and all the ripples interconnected. She could sense them inside her, surging and flowing, doubling back and overlapping, all the way back to the beginning. And at the centre of them all was Chang An Lo. She wrapped her hand tight around the quartz dragon pendant. He and she would survive this and would be together again when all the turmoil was over, of that she was sure.’

Chang An Lo is a young Chinese communist who not only saves Lydia’s life but also opens her eyes to ideas from a different world. Unfortunately he also brings danger of the Black Snake Gang with him. Lydia’s headteacher Theo Willoughby’s romance with Li Mei causes him to get involved in the illegal transportation of information and opium, bringing him into the dangerous aspects of China as well.

Waterstones – http://tidd.ly/64314f1d Amazon – https://amzn.to/363DsVC

There is a sequel to the Russian Concubine called The Concubine’s Secret, however I haven’t had to opportunity to read it yet. Amazon – https://amzn.to/2RuSfon

The White Pearl tells the story of Constance, who is married to Nigel Hadley a rubber plantation owner in Malaysia, in 1941. While Constance is picking up Teddy, their 7 year old son from school, she is involved in a car crash, killing a Malaysian mother of twins. Connie is so shaken by the accident that she seek out Maya and Razak to offer them money, employment and schooling etc. When the Japanese invade following their attack on Pearl Harbour, she insists that the 16 year-old twins join her friends and family aboard her yacht, The White Pearl.

‘Did he suspect? What she was capable of? Was that why he had given her the gun? “And what do you do then?” she asked. “When you know the truth about someone.” “The truth is always cleaner than a lie.” He touched the back of her hand on the helm, his fingers warm against her skin, and added in a quiet voice, “Lies weaken a person. They are the bedfellows of fear.”‘

Mr Fitzpayne a mysterious boat dealer and friend of Flight Lieutant Johnnie Blake, is persuaded to captain the White Pearl to safety. On board secrets start to divulge causing tensions and misery, especially when Madoc and his wife Kitty come aboard.

Waterstones- http://tidd.ly/149f05e Amazon – https://amzn.to/33NmlpA Audible – https://amzn.to/35o27Ee

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