My recent beauty buys – Autumn/Winter

Recently my skin has been extra sore and prone to redness, especially around my eyes. (I think it’s a combination of overdoing my strong anti-acne products and the dry air), so I picked up the Avene Antirougeurs Redness Refreshing Cleansing Lotion, which has helped keep it from drying out further. I like the fact it comes in a pump. escentual

Since I love the Vichy Mineral 89 I thought I would try the companion repairing eye serum. It’s a lovely light-weight moisturizing product that works beautifully under make-up however my super irritated skin did sting slightly, but I’m looking forward to using it again when the red inflammation calms down. escentual

Nuxe Honey lip balm is a gorgeous repairing shea butter and plant oil balm which comes in a cute little pot (that makes it harder to misplace) it’s fast becoming a cold weather essential. It’s definitely spendier than a tin of vaseline however it moistuziers and conditions my lips for a lot longer.

As an artifically enhanced blonde I frequently use colour protection products, so when I saw that L’oreal Elvive had a new purple anti-brassiness range out I got excited. I have used both products several times although the shampoo is fine, it does leave your fingernails with a slight purple/grey tinge that means l probably won’t repurchase it anytime soon.

The conditioner is another story altogether, I absolutely love it especially when used as a deep conditioning mask, so I have brought two more as back-ups (just incase brexit messes with our supply).

I would like to say I brought The Body Shop – Ginger Shampoo because it promised to be the answer to all my hair prayers, but I would be lying I brought for the simple fact it smells Amazing.

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