Dorothy Koomson – Author Overview pt1

Marshmallows for breafast beautifully shows the importance of family and the fact that family is built around love and friendship, not blood.

‘No, you need my friendship and understanding and support.’ I didn’t want him here. I’d been fine all this time on my own, keeping my secret, coping on my own. ‘I want to be alone.’ ‘Don’t try and shut me out, Kendra, it’s not going to work. You’re my best friend.’

Kendra moves back to the UK after a failed romantic affair with a married man in Australia, causing her to rent a flat from Kyle who brings chaos into her life. Her neighbour Kyle is an architect, who has recently seperated from Ashley his alcoholic wife, leaving him to care for their twin children, Jaxon and Summer.

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When I was Invisible is about the lives of Veronica Harper and Veronika Harper who become best friends when they bond over ballet at school in 1988, it follows them through down their different paths in life and how their friendship ended 20 years ago.

‘he was right. I did have a death wish. Since years before I left my parents’ house I’d had a death wish, I had essentially wanted to end my life but not to die…I had a death wish that was playing itself out slowly, slowly, slowly, and was putting everyone I knew in danger’

Nika ended up in a coercive and abusive relationship with Todd, a premier league footballer after she ran away from her family home in London at the age of 17. After a few directionless and troubled teenager years Roni found peace through God and decided to become a nun.

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The Flavours of Love follows Saffron who was widowed 18 months ago when Joel, her husband was murdered, his killer remains unpunished however the mysterious A has been sending her threatening letters.

‘She is every person you’ve ever not met properly. She’s the person you could see every day for your whole life and never notice. She is standing in front of my back door. The hood of her black top is pulled up but it doesn’t quite obscure her face. In her right hand, held close beside her leg with the blade pointing down, is a black-handled chef’s knife. The type that killed my husband.’

14 year-old Phoebe has recently told Mr Bromsgrove, her teacher that she’s pregnant leaving open difficult questions: What choice should she make? Who the father? Why didn’t she tell her mother? I really like this novel by Koomson as it tackles serious issues abortion, grooming, grief and eating disorders. Saffron’s struggle with food shows that it’s not only an issue for teenage girls, many adult men and women suffer from anorexia/bulimia.

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