Jenny Han – Author Overview

Like many people I am anxiously waiting for February 14th not because I’m wondering about how many valentine day cards I’ll be getting, but because the sequel to the Netflix smash hit To All The Boys I loved Before will be released. The Netflix adaption of Jenny Han’s touching YA novel propelled Noah Centineo to Heartthrob status overnight and Lana Condor became a major to role model for many.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before starts when Lara Jean Covey’s little sister Kitty secretly sends her private love letters to all five of her previous crushes. This makes things very awkward when Josh, her sister Margot’s boyfriend receives a letter in the post, in order to avoid disaster Lara Jean enters a fake relationship with Peter Kavinsky, who also received a letter. Peter agrees be Lara Jean’s fake boyfriend in order to make his ex-girlfriend Genevieve jealous.

If I had thought it through, I would have made up a boyfriend and not picked an actual person. More specifically, I would not have picked Peter K. He is literally the worst person I could have picked, because everyone knows him. He’s Peter Kavinsky, for Pete’s sake.’

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P.S I Still Love You continues the Kavinsky/Covey relationship drama following their declaration of love and their hot tub ‘sex’ tape, resulting in Peter and Lara Jean dating for real without the safety of a contract. Lara Jean starts volunteering at Belleview retirement home where she meets Stormy, an eccentric grandma. When another recipient of a love letter re-enters Lara Jean’s life, John Ambrose McClaren from model UN it causes all sorts of complications.

‘To get this letter from him, after all this time, it’s like he’s come back from the dead… I bet all the girls at his school like him. When I saw him at the Model UN scrimmage, he looked so assured, the way he sat tall in his seat, shoulders squared, utterly focused.’

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Always and Forever, Lara Jean is the concluding part of the trilogy, which follows Lara Jean and Peter throughout their Senior year, as they have to ask and answer difficult questions about the future and their relationship. Kitty’s matchmaking has succeeded again, their dad is engaged Trina, Ms Rothschild their neighbour making the Covey household all loved up.

‘It’s so crazy to think that a year ago, she was just out neighbor Ms Rothschild…She’s going to be our stepmom, and I’m so glad for it.’

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