Nicholas Sparks – Author Overview

Nicholas Sparks is a multi-award winning author, whose best work has been turned into numerous popular movies.

The Longest Ride is a multi-generational novel that follows two couples love-stories, that happen to be link by a car accident and a love for art. Ira Levinson met Ruth, a Jewish refugee from Vienna just before the outbreak of World War II. His service as a pilot and the injuries he sustained had long lasting consequences, despite this they were able to be happily married until Ruth’s death. During their summer holidays in the 1950-60s Ruth’s passion for art meant they assembled one of the largest private collections of modern American art, however due to Ira’s advancing age and childlessness, the question remains: What to do with the paintings?

‘The night air was turning crisper, giving the stars a crystalline cast. He looked up at them, then over to her, and when her thumb gently began to trace the contours of his hand, he responded in kind. In that instant, he knew with certainty that he was already falling for her and that there was nothing on earth he could do to stop it.’

Luke is a small town, country bull rider whose family farm is in jeopardy due to substantial medical loans. While competing he meets Sophia, an art history major from New Jersey who brings exciting new elements into his life, away from the danger of the arena and his financial responsibilities.

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Two by Two follows Russell Green a thirty year old man with a good career, lovely home and a 5 year-old daughter London, during the worst year of his life. It all starts when his wife Vivian gets a new job, that results in her leaving him for her boss who lives in Atlanta. This leaves Russell as primary carer to London, with the support of his family especially Marge, his big sister he manages to be the type of parent he’s always wanted to be.

‘It was, I realized, the first dance I’d ever shared with my daughter, and I didn’t know when or if it would happen again. I couldn’t imagine dancing with her – so I lived in the moment and gave myself over to the dance, thankful for yet another wonder at the end of an already unforgettable week.’ – Waterstones. – Amazon

See Me centers around 28 year old Maria a lawyer, whose past case results in her being stalked, which also endangers her sister, Serena. Colin is a reformed bad guy with a crime record, whose at college with Serena training to be teacher. He happens to be exactly the type of guy Maria needs and she brings the joy of family into his life, that he had been missing.

‘She wasn’t on edge simply because she was being followed. Nor was she merely reliving the fears she’d felt for Colin as he’d stood with the police officers with the rest of his life hanging in the balance.’ – Waterstones. – Amazon

The Last Song is about 17 year-old Ronnie’s life, specifically one summer when she is forced to spend it with her estranged father, in North Carolina along with Jonah, her younger brother. This is where she first bumps into Will, a kind volleyball player and encounters some unpleasant people who like to play with fire.

‘He’d told her things he’d never discussed even with Ashley. He supposed he wanted her to know the real him, and somehow he trusted she’d know how to respond. She wasn’t like anyone he’d met before. He was sure he wanted never to let go of her hand; their fingers seemed to fit together in just the right way.’

I had a really personal connection with this story as I understand what it’s like as a daughter to watch your father suffer with cancer (don’t worry he’s still alive and grumpy as ever).

This was the beginning of the Liam Hemsworth/Miley Cyrus relationship saga which has kept gossip columns and celeb followers interested for over a decade. – Waterstones. – Amazon.

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