Sally Rooney – Author Overview

At the end of April a BBC 3 adaption of the award winning Normal People will be released. It stars Daisy Edgar-smith who has appeared in Cold Feet & Gentleman Jack and Paul Mescal, best known for his theatre work.

Normal People – Marianne Sheridan is an independent minded, sensitive young woman, who lives in a cold, stark white mansion where she experiences emotional abuse from her bully of a brother, Alan and her absent, snobbish mother, Denise. Life for Marianne at school isn’t much better, rejected by her peers for being different, clever and thoughtful she exists in social exile while planning the next step in her life. Trinity College, Dublin

‘He’s not someone who feels comfortable confiding in others, or demanding things from them. He needs Marianne for this reason. This fact strikes him newly. Marianne is someone he can ask things of. Even though there are certain difficulties and resentments in their relationship, the relationship carries on. This seem remarkable to him now, and almost moving.’

Connell Waldron is a popular, athletic and intelligent 18 year-old, who has been raised by Lorraine a young single mum, to be respectful and non-judgmental. His mum job as the Sheridan’s cleaner, kick-starts their friends-with-benefits relationship which Connell insists on keeping secret.

Normal people explores the complexities and difficulties that comes with life, through Connell and Marianne’s lives at university and their unique relationship over 4 years.

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Conversations with Friends when stripped bare essentially features lots of awkward, dysfunctional relationships between several not particularly nice people, who live in Dublin. Bobbi and Frances are anti-establishment, artistic uni students, who remain close friends after ending their romantic relationship. Following a poetry performance Bobbi and Frances meet 37 year-old Melissa, a profile photographer who is married to Nick a handsome actor, beginning their unusual love triangle/square.

“This wasn’t exactly true, but that night it was clear to me for the first time how badly I’d underestimated my vulnerability. I’d lied to everyone, to Melissa, even to Bobbi, just so I could be with Nick. I had left myself no one to confide in, no one who would feel any sympathy for what I’d done. And after all that, he was in love with someone else.”

Frances’s self-destructive nature causes her to be emotionally closed off even to her closed family, especially her alcoholic father and in a subconscious act to protect herself, she frequently labels herself ‘cold’ to prevent any potential rejection. However this fails to prevent her from getting hurt.

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