Celeste Ng – Author Overview

Little Fires Everywhere is set in Shaker Heights, a town where everything has a place, everyone has their own box with a label on it, every decision is made based on practicalities, never feelings and everyone is governed by the rules of this ordered society. This all comes to a head when artist Mia Warren and her 16 year-old daughter, Pearl move into the Richardson’s rental home and become intimately entwined in the Richardson’s lives.

‘In all her years of itinerant living, Mia had developed one rule: Don’t get attached. To any place, to any apartment, to anything. To anyone…But this, with Bebe – this was different.’

Elena Richardson has always done everything “right” according to the SH’s black and white definition. She married Bill a successful lawyer after finishing college, they set up home in a good neighbourhood and she gave birth to Lexie, Trip, Moody and Izzy in quick succession. Plus she has managed to build a semi-successful career as a journalist for the local paper and forge friendships with all the right, important people in society. However Elena’s ridged sense of right and wrong will force her to investigate Mia’s background and Pearl’s life, when Mia supports Bebe’s legal bid to regain custody of her daughter May Ling/Mirabelle who is being adopted by Mark and Linda McCullough, long time friends of the Richardson’s.

Amazon – https://amzn.to/36Sw29j Audible – https://amzn.to/3gT119Z

Ever since watching Legally Blonde a gillion years ago (bend and snap, girls!), I have been in love with Reese Witherspoon so I’m very excited to see her in the tv adaption as Elena Richardson.

Everything I never told you – 16 year old Lydia who faces the brunt of her mother pressure to be an exceptional doctor has gone missing, and after a quick search her body is found in the neighbourhood lake. Lydia’s death and her families subsequent decisions will have a huge impact on all their lives and causes them to evaluate everything they thought was true. Lydia’s father James is a professor at a small town college, who has struggled to fit in throughout his life as his Chinese heritage has always made him different. This fueled his desire for his children to be like everyone else. Marilyn is a woman who is highly dissatisfied with her life, having dropped out of medical school to marry James, this also caused her to become estranged from her racist single mother.

‘As her clock flipped from 1:59 to 2:00 with a gentle click, it came to her, falling into place with the same tiny sound. The record had long since spun to a halt, and the darkness outside made the silence deeper, like the muffled hush of a library. She knew at last where everything had gone wrong. And she knew where she had to go.’

18 year-old Nathan is counting down the days until he can escape to Harvard and be away from his father’s disappointment. Little Hannah spends her life on the fringes of her family, watching and waiting for them to notice her, perhaps she will finally have a chance in the limelight now Lydia is dead.

Amazon – https://amzn.to/2XqvN23 Audible – https://amzn.to/2zVuDm7

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