Paige Toon – Author Overview

The Longest Holiday Having found out that Matthew, her journalist husband of less than a year impregnated someone on his stag do, Laura decides to go on a much needed girl’s holiday, with best friend Marty and travel writer Bridget to Florida’s gorgeous Key West coast.

‘”Yes, Of course,” he replies quietly, but his words feel like a slap around my face. Of course he’s seen his son. Of course he has. But I wasn’t prepared for the pain of hearing this. I stifle a sob and hang up on him, then I turn my phone off. I cry so hard it triples the pain in my head, but it’s a long time before I can stop.’

When undertaking a three day snorkeling course, she meets several sexy Cuban’s Jorge and his friend Leo, who are down from Miami to work the summer season. Laura instantly feels an attraction to one. Leo is a thirty-odd year old man who has been hurt repeatedly by his past, his mother was a mistress to a married Cuban businessman who kept them all a secret, Alejandro his twin brother died tragically and he has struggled to let anyone close since. After deciding to stay in Key West with Leo and his family, Laura is stuck between her struggling marriage and her holiday romance.

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It’s not necessarily a sequel however there are interlinking character, which I always enjoy as I often wonder what happened to the best friend of the heroine.

The Last Piece of my Heart – Bridget is best known for her travel writing and she is desperate for the opportunity to write a novel about her past love affairs and the beautiful countries they took place in. However her publisher doesn’t think she’s ready, so when the opportunity to gain experience by being a ghost writer presents itself, Bridget has no choice but to take it.

‘I very quietly close the door behind me and stand there, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness. My heart contracts, knowing that the two people I love the most in this world are upstairs, fast asleep. I really don’t want to completely freak Charlie out by appearing in his bedroom like an apparition, but I can’t – I just can’t – go any longer before seeing him again.’

Nicole Dupre’s debut novel was an international bestseller with loyal fans so when she tragically dies 5 weeks after giving birth to baby April, while writing the much anticipated sequel to The Secret Life of Us the questions from the cliff-hanger remain unanswered. Nicki’s widow, Charlie gives permission for Bridget to pick up where Nicki left off, on the condition she didn’t take any of Nicki’s belongs out of their home in Padstow, Cornwall. Hence a summer in her dad’s affectionately named campervan Hermon the German aka Hermie on a hilly campsite is in order for Bridget.

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Lucy in the Sky follows PR agent Lucy as she embarks on a 24 hour journey back to Australia for the wedding of her childhood best friends Sam and Molly. However it is less than peaceful as she receives a text message from James, her lawyer boyfriend’s phone which insinuates that he’s being unfaithful.

‘Oh James…Do I really believe he’s been sleeping with Zoe? He’s been my love for four years and I’m just going to walk away from him like this? Nathan’s going home in little over a fortnight. What am I going to do then?’

After enjoying two weeks in the sun down-under, surfing and flirting with Nathan, Sam’s younger brother, Lucy reluctantly returns home to London where she is busy at work promoting the next hot thing with Chloe and Gemma, while struggling to trust James especially as he seems to be getting much closer to work colleague Zoe.

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