Gabrielle Zevin – Author Overview

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac – Naomi is co-editor of the school’s yearbook, along with her best friend Will Landsman. She plays tennis with Ace, her long-term boyfriend, making them a popular “it” couple at school. Naomi lives happily with her author dad, Grant following her parents divorce 3 years ago. After a huge fall down a flight of stairs while trying to rescue the school’s brand new $4,000 camera, Naomi suffers a head injury causing her to forget the last 4 years of her life. While flickering in and out of consciousness Naomi is greeted by the voice of a handsome teenage boy, (who turns out to be called James Larkin) who is telling the paramedics that he’s her boyfriend. Upon waking in the hospital, Naomi soon discovers that she’s suffering from amnesia. This means she has to return to her everyday norm without all the pieces of the puzzle which make up her life, causing her to question whether the choices and decisions she had made in the last few years, were the right ones.

“Didn’t you ever wonder what you call me?” “Uh, Will?” “No, what you used to call me.” I hadn’t. “Coach. You know, short for co-chief. You could call me that again if you wanted to, Chief. If it ever should happen to just pop into your head.” “Coach,” I said. Despite the fact that he couldn’t have been less athletic, the nickname suited him well. A good nickname tells you something about the person it belongs to, and it was so with this one. In all he did, Will was fiercely loyal, a good motivator, intelligent, passionate, and thoughtful. He was everything a coach ought to be. “It’s a good name for you,” I said. “I wish I’d thought to ask you about it before.” There are all sorts of things I could tell you,” he said, “if you ever wanted to know them.”

It’s a fascinating concept losing 4-5 years of your life, think about: Whose in my life that wasn’t in 2015? What can I do now, that I couldn’t then? Drive? Vote? Drink? Where were you? In school studying for GCSES or A Levels? It really highlights how much we evolve over a relativly short space of time (Earth is thought to be approximately 4.54 billion years old) and how quickly life changes.

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Elsewhere is a fascinating novel that explores ‘Elsewhere’, the place people go to after they die. Elsewhere is incredibly similar to Earth, people drive cars, read Shakespeare and celebrate birthdays except the occupants of Elsewhere keep aging backwards, until the point in which they are babies again and can return to Earth.

‘Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe Earth’s not far at all’ Liz snorts. ‘That’s a pretty thought, Esther.’ ‘It is, isn’t it?’ Esther smiles. ‘I think of it like a tree, because every tree is really two trees. There’s the tree with the branches that everyone sees, and then there’s the upside-down root tree, growing the opposite way. So Earth is the branches, growing up to the sky, and Elsewhere is the roots, growing down in opposing but perfect symmetry. The branches don’t think much about the roots, and maybe the roots don’t think much about the branches, but all the time, they’re connected by the trunk, you know? Even though it seems far from the roots to the branches, it isn’t. You’re always connected,’

Liz is a typical 15 year old american teenager, from Massachusetts who died following a hit-and-run accident while she was cycling to meet her friend Zooey, to go prom dress shopping. Her parents and her 7 year-old little brother Alvy are left to grieve and carry on with on Earth. while taking care of Lucy, Lizzie pug.

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