About Me

Hey my name is Kate and this is just a quick overview about my life.

Major disclaimer, I am NOT an expert in anything, so I highly advice you ignore all my advice for you own safely (although my last bit of advice would definitely be worth following).

I am currently 21 years old (my birthday is in October, if your interested). I live in Northumberland, with my wonderful parents and more importantly my gorgeous rescue cat, Sheba. I also have two older half-brother’s who live aboard.

I suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ME/CFS, hypermobility, anxiety and now asthma, an amazing combination! (Ohh I can also be very sarcastic) These illnesses have meant my life has been full of different experiences to most 21 year olds. I adore reading, clothes (even though I spent most of my time in dinosaur PJ’s) and all good tasting food (that’s bad for you).