Elizabeth Wein – Code Name Verity

Code Name Verity is one of my favourite historical novels (btw historical fiction is my favourite genre) as it keeps you guessing and questioning right till the very end. The two different narratives with Maddie and Queenie/Scottie/Eva/Julia mean you are never quite sure if the narrator is telling to truth or lying during an interrogation. Far too many World War II novels have women in … Continue reading Elizabeth Wein – Code Name Verity

Jeff Zentner – Author Overview

Goodbye Days is the first of Jeff Zentner books that I read and I must confess to intially being in two minds about it after reading the blurb. The concept of an everyday, common action (sending a text message) being classified as a crime was highly intriguing (because it reminded me about the Michelle Carter case) however the idea of ‘Goodbye Days’ to remember loved … Continue reading Jeff Zentner – Author Overview

Juno Dawson – Author Overview pt 2

This Book is Gay is a non-fiction book that explains and exploring all things LGBT+ in a humorous, uncomplicated way. The first-hand experiences threaded throughout give a personal feel to the statistics contained in this non-fiction book. It’s pitched as being Young Adult in genre however I think many adults (and Presidents) could do with reading it. ‘All we can do is rest assured that … Continue reading Juno Dawson – Author Overview pt 2

Laura Steven – Author Overview

The Exact Opposite of Okay tackles the difficult and fairly recent issue of revenge porn, as Izzy is abused online and IRL for being a ‘slut’ following nude photos of her being posted online. ‘Cellulite and stretch marks around my hips and thighs. A giant mole on my left butt cheek. Swollen boobs because of the time of the month. Imperfections that, up until a … Continue reading Laura Steven – Author Overview

Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

Letters to the Lost on the surface seems to be a typical teen-romance about a troubled bad-boy with a heart and a grief stricken girl who has given up on her gift for photography, however it’s much more than that. It subtly questions stereotypes and the impact these have on people’s paths in life. ‘If a rich kid taunts a poor kid for wearing hand-me-downs, … Continue reading Brigid Kemmerer – Author Overview

Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview

It’s not me, It’s you was the first of Mhairi’s novels that I read as the main character, Delia’s family live in Hexham which is twenty minutes away from where I live and it’s always nice to a personal connection to the setting of a novel. ‘Where do I go from here? I can’t date. I mean, thongs have come back in, for God’s sake. … Continue reading Mhairi Mcfarlane – Author Overview