Gabrielle Zevin – Author Overview

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac – Naomi is co-editor of the school’s yearbook, along with her best friend Will Landsman. She plays tennis with Ace, her long-term boyfriend, making them a popular “it” couple at school. Naomi lives happily with her author dad, Grant following her parents divorce 3 years ago. After a huge fall down a flight of stairs while trying to rescue the … Continue reading Gabrielle Zevin – Author Overview

Cormoran Strike – Robert Galbraith

Robert Galbraith is the pseudonym for JK Rowling (Harry Potter, The Casual Vacancy), I’m aware this confession will get me lynched – I’m not a fan of Harry Potter (books or the films) but I do adore these books. The Strike series has been turned into a highly successful BBC show starring Tom Burke (The Musketeers, War & Peace) as Cormoran Strike and Holliday Grainger … Continue reading Cormoran Strike – Robert Galbraith

Jojo Moyes – Me Before You Trilogy

Me Before You – Louisa Clark has recently been made redundant from her much loved job in the Butter Bun coffee shop, and after several failed jobs (a night-shift at the local chicken factory). To the surprise of all her family, Lou is employed by Mrs Traynor (a lawyer) to be a companion and caregiver to her son, as she suspects Louisa’s bubbly personality will … Continue reading Jojo Moyes – Me Before You Trilogy

Alastair Campbell – All in the Mind

All in the mind – London based psychiatrist, Professor Martin Sturrock’s Friday gets off to a ominous start as he receives a phone call informing him that his Aunt Jessica has died. Over the course of an extraordinary weekend we get introduced to a variety of Sturrock’s patients and learn about his unhappy private life, with his discontented wife Stella. ‘It was as though all … Continue reading Alastair Campbell – All in the Mind

Paige Toon – Author Overview

The Longest Holiday Having found out that Matthew, her journalist husband of less than a year impregnated someone on his stag do, Laura decides to go on a much needed girl’s holiday, with best friend Marty and travel writer Bridget to Florida’s gorgeous Key West coast. ‘”Yes, Of course,” he replies quietly, but his words feel like a slap around my face. Of course he’s … Continue reading Paige Toon – Author Overview

Medical Memoirs – Adam Kay, The Prison DR

The Prison Doctor – I was drawn to Dr Amanda Brown’s account of her journey from village GP to a Dr behind bars, as so often “prison stories” are (quite rightly) dominated by the inmates, so to have a book from the point of view of someone who cares for the inmates/residents is refreshing, as it provides a new perspective. ” ‘It’s like eating Ready … Continue reading Medical Memoirs – Adam Kay, The Prison DR

Ruth Hogan – Author Overview

Ruth Hogan is the perfect author to be reading right now, during Covid-19 Lockdown as she shows the core goodness of people (which we are seeing in our key workers and friends), while not hiding from the harsh realities of the world. In Sally Red Shoes, a character called Alice struggles through a cancer diagnosis and treatment which is full of honestly and highlights human … Continue reading Ruth Hogan – Author Overview

Sally Rooney – Author Overview

At the end of April a BBC 3 adaption of the award winning Normal People will be released. It stars Daisy Edgar-smith who has appeared in Cold Feet & Gentleman Jack and Paul Mescal, best known for his theatre work. Normal People – Marianne Sheridan is an independent minded, sensitive young woman, who lives in a cold, stark white mansion where she experiences emotional abuse … Continue reading Sally Rooney – Author Overview

John Green – Author Overview

Turtles All the Way Down is primarily about the difficulties and joys of long term friendship and it’s value when asking for forgiveness. It follows 16 year-old Aza Holmes and Daisy Ramirez best friends since elementary school, as they investigate the disappearance of billionaire Russell Pickett, for the $100,000 reward. ‘Felt myself slipping, but even that’s a metaphor. Descending, but that is, too. Can’t describe … Continue reading John Green – Author Overview

Historical fiction – WWI

Letters from Skye centres around Elspeth Dunn, a Scottish Poet who lives on the magical Isle of Skye with her family. After an unexpected fan letter and years of correspondence with Davey, an American ambulance driver on the western front. She must decide whether to follow her heart and leave the Inner Hebrides or continue waiting for her silent and distant husband, Iain to return … Continue reading Historical fiction – WWI